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Woodstock Academy

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Kathy Morin, RN
Kathy Morin, RN - School Nurse
57 Academy Road
Nancy Glass, RN
Nancy Glass, RN - School Nurse
57 Academy Road

Important Information

MEDICATION POLICY: The Board of Trustees does not allow students to carry or self-administer medications , neither prescription or non-prescription and supplements, during the school day or at school functions. The ONLY exceptions are for the use of EpiPens, Insulin and asthma inhalers.  A signed medical authorization form needs to be completed by the physician. Prescription medications need to be delivered to Health Office by a parent/guardian in the original container with a permission form signed by the physician and parent/guardian. Please see forms for Administration of Medications. Students are allowed to receive ibuprofen or acetaminophen at school once we have received a signed permission form. Please see Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen permission forms.

MEDICAL DISMISSAL POLICY: All medical dismissals need to originate in the Health Office. Students who call or text parents/guardians for dismissal will not be covered as an excused absence from the Health Office.

ASTHMA AND BEE STING /FOOD ALLERGIES: Please notify the Health office with updates regarding allergies and asthma with the treatment required. See Questionnaire for Parents/Guardian of a Child with Asthma.

Physicals & Records

PHYSICALSPhysicals are required for students entering grade 10 and transfer students. Yearly physicals are required for any student participating in school sports. 
Grade 10 physicals need to include: Hemoglobin/Hematocrit, Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Postural, Vision and Auditory screening, Chronic Disease Assessment and updated immunizations.Sport physicals are offered in the summer by our school physician free of charge or you may choose to have your own physician complete the physical.  The date and time for the sport physicals will be announced in the Shoppers’ Guide, Turnpike Buyer, and posted on the school web site.  Sport physicals remain current for 13 months from the date completed.  In order for a student to participate in tryouts a current physical needs to be on record in the Health Office.

RECORDS: Immunization records for Seniors are mailed home with the final report card.  Any record of a physical or immunization needed during the summer should be requested prior to the end of school.

Report Suspicious Activity