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The Ambassador program offers its members

Learned Professionalism Social Etiquette • Leadership Skills • Networking Opportunities • Resume Building Experiences

Relationship Building

Woodstock Academy Ambassador Program

Program Description

An organization established to provide Woodstock Academy with student representation in a variety of informational settings both on and off campus.

Students may be in grades 9 through 12

In addition to representing Woodstock Academy, the organization will provide opportunities for members to learn and experience interpersonal and communication skills that can be used throughout their personal lives and professional careers.

Students are required to:

  • Complete an informational form
  • Wear designated Ambassador clothing for each event and maintain a professional appearance
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Represent Woodstock Academy in a professional manner at all times both on and off campus
  • Participate in scheduled workshops and training
  • Participate in one annual fundraiser
  • Attend informational meetings

Ambassador Representation is required during the following events and activities throughout the year with additional events to be added as needed

  • International Student Welcome Reception
  • Perspective Student Campus Tours
  • Alumni Visits and Special Events
  • Distinguished Guest Visits
  • Off-Campus Admissions Presentations (Day, Evening and Weekends)

The Ambassador program is an extension of Woodstock Academy’s Public Relations Office overseen by the Director of Public Relations.

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