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Woodstock Academy Board of Trustees


Woodstock Academy Governance

The Academy is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is composed of alumni members and at-large members as outlined in its by-laws and charter. Woodstock Academy's by-laws and charter, subject to change from time to time, permits the Board of Education of any town, which designates Woodstock Academy as its secondary school, a maximum of two ex-officio trustees as public representatives. The ex-officio members are recommended by their Board of Education and proposed by the Woodstock Academy Nominating Committee for election by the Board of Trustees. Ex-officio members’ terms expire with the reorganization of their respective Board of Education and provide public representation on the Woodstock Academy Board of Trustees' Executive and Finance committees.

Woodstock Academy is an independent school with a public purpose. As such, the Academy is committed to its status as an independent school and dedicated to providing a superior secondary education to our sending town and private tuition students.

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