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Article I

The name of this organization shall be “The Woodstock Academy Alumni Hall of Fame Oversight Council,” (hereafter, the Council). It shall be subordinate to The Woodstock Academy Alumni Association Executive Board.

Article II

The purpose and mission of this organization shall be: to provide a forum to recognize those individuals, alumni and otherwise, who exemplify the highest standards of endeavor, accomplishment, sportsmanship, ethics, morals, and support and encouragement for athletics and for the Woodstock Academy brand; and to present awards to those so recognized; and to establish and maintain a wall of recognition on the Academy campus.

Article III

Section A. Membership.

1) Membership shall be limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) elected members plus the current Athletic Director and the Director of Development & Alumni Relations.      

                              2) Members may resign or be replaced without reason or cause.

                              3)   New Council members may be selected to attain / maintain maximum membership.

Section B. Membership Selection. Members shall be selected by the Director of Development and Alumni Relations and/or the Council Chairperson with the advice and consent of the Alumni Association Executive Board.

                              1) Membership shall be divided into three (3) classes, A through C.

                              2) For the first set of terms following the adoption of these bylaws the following shall apply:

                                  a) Class A) Five (5) members shall be selected for a term of one (1) year.  

                                  b) Class B)   Five (5) members shall be selected for a term of three (3) years.             

                                  c) Class C)   Five (5) members shall be selected for a term of five (5) years. 

3) At the end of the first year, selections shall be made to replace Class A for a term of five years.

                              4) At the end of the third year, selections shall be made to replace Class B for a term of five years.

5) At the end of the fifth and each succeeding year, selections shall be made to replace each following Class in A-B-C rotating order for terms of five years.

Section C. Membership Eligibility.   Elected Council members:

                              1) Shall be graduates of Woodstock Academy or be members of the Woodstock Academy faculty and/or staff with a minimum of five (5) years of continuous service.

                              2) Shall NOT include graduates without at least a 10th year anniversary.

                              3) Should include at least one (1) graduate from each decade from 10th through 60th anniversaries.

                              4) Shall include both genders.      

                              5) Shall foster the principles and precepts of the Alumni Association and the Woodstock Academy Board of Trustees.                               

Article IV
Section A. Officers and Duties. There shall be four officers of the Council.

                              1) There shall be a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer and no individual shall serve in more than one (1) office.

                                             a) The Chairperson shall be the Chief Officer and shall preside over all meetings of the Council and shall report to the Alumni Association.

                                             b) The Vice-Chairperson shall act in the absence of the Chairperson.

                                             c) The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Council and coordinate all activities.

                                             d) The Treasurer shall account for all funds of the Council. Duties shall include:

                                                            1) Preparation of an annual budget for presentation in November.

                                                            2) Processing and accounting of all income and expenses.

                                                            3) Assist any given committee in preparation of their respective   budgets.

                                                            4) Submit to any requested audit.

                                                            5) Serve on the Presentations Committee

Section B. Officer Selection.

1) Officers shall be elected annually and shall serve at least a one-year term in their respective office.              

2) An officer may be replaced, by vote of the Council, due to resignation or any other reasonable consideration.

Article V
Section A. Regular Meetings.

                              1) The Council shall meet a minimum of four (4) times per calendar year and as needed to organize, develop and sustain the Council’s mission.

Section B. Special Meetings. A Special Meetings may be called by consensus of the officers.

                              1) There shall be a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior notice to all Council members of a Special meeting, stating the specific agenda, date, time and place of such meeting.

Section C. Emergency Meetings.  An Emergency meeting may be called by the Secretary with the consent of the Chair.

                              1) There shall be a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours prior notice of an Emergency Meeting stating the emergency and the date, time and place of such meeting.

Section D. Quorum. A quorum for all Council meetings shall be eight (8) members of the full council, including at least two (2) officers.

Section E. Committee Meetings. Each committee shall meet in good time and as frequently as necessary to accomplish its responsibilities. Committee quorums shall be a simple majority.

Article VI
Executive Board

Section A. Membership. The Executive Board shall consist of the four (4) officers and three (3) elected at-large members from the Council.

                              1) The Executive Board shall be responsible for coordinating the Council’s functions with the Alumni Association Executive Board.

                              2) Meetings. The Executive Board shall meet:

                                             a) One (1) week prior to each awards ceremony for the purpose of finalizing all plans.

                                             b) As called by the Chairperson

                                             c) As called by the Alumni Association Executive Board.

Article VII
Council Committees

The Council may act to establish rules, directives and criteria which any committee, standing or ad hoc, must embrace in its responsibilities and actions.

Article VIII
Standing Committees

The Chairperson of each standing committee shall be appointed by the Executive  Board unless otherwise specified in these bylaws. A secretary shall be appointed or elected for each standing committee to record the minutes of that committee’s actions. All committee actions and decisions shall be approved by the Council.

Section A. Nominations.

                              1) The functions of a Nominating Committee shall include:

                                             a) Oversight of the criteria and nomination process.

                                             b) Screening of nominations.

                                             c) Presentation of qualified nominees to the Council.

                                             d) Perform other such duties as the Council may assign.

Section B. Publicity Committee. The functions of the Publicity Committee shall include:

  1. 1)Preparation of press releases.

2) Notifying media of impending nominations, selections and awards ceremonies.

                                             3) Obtain, as possible, interviews with final selectees for archives and media.

                                             4) Archive all pertinent copy, pictures and memorabilia.

Section C. Presentations Committee. The Presentations Committee shall be responsible for all Council finances and all aspects of any awards ceremonies and shall:

1) Procure space and make provisions for each awards ceremony, including a banquet if directed by the Council.

2) In consultation with designated Academy personnel, make provision for all plaques and other awards, including texts for display and presentation.

a) Awards for presentation shall include specifics of the finalist’s deeds.

b) Awards for display in the Hall of Fame shall be a composite of all current finalists.

3) Coordinate each awards ceremony.

Article IX
Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc committees may be formed by a resolution specifying its purpose, with a majority vote of the Council. A secretary shall record all committee actions.

Article X
Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, current Edition shall govern this organization in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the organization may adopt.

Article XI
Adoption and Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws become effective immediately upon acceptance. If challenged by the Alumni Association Executive Committee, it shall become effective immediately upon its/their approval of required corrections.

The bylaws were adopted on April 26, 2012.

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Council by a two-thirds vote, provided that the amendment shall have been submitted in writing to the members at the previous regular Council meeting (or otherwise, with sufficient time for review prior to action).


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