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English Courses at Woodstock Academy

All students are required to take English I, II and III in sequence. Successful completion of the previous year’s English course is required prior to enrollment in the subsequent course.

Core English Courses

Senior English Electives

Writing Courses

Other English Electives

All students are required to successfully complete English I and English II, providing a foundation of reading, writing and speaking skills development. English I provides literature-based instruction in the reading and study of literature, supplemented by writing, speaking and viewing experiences. Students continue in English II, the Sophomore Writing Workshop, which provides extensive opportunities for students to study and experience writing in a variety of forms and types: description, narration, exposition, persuasion, research, creative writing, literary criticism, and practical-technical writing.

Modes are introduced and analyzed with models, and students use interactive technology during the writing process. Students continue their study of literature in English III, a thematic study of American literature and its cultural contributions to our modern society and values. Students read and view classic and contemporary literature by noted American authors and filmmakers, refine their written expression, especially in the modes of exposition, persuasion, research, and literary criticism, and prepare to deliver a variety of oral presentations. Computer literacy is fostered through a variety of class activities and assignments.

Seniors must complete at least one credit in English chosen from the list of senior elective courses, AP English 4, or Honors/ACP English 4. All electives are one-half credit courses lasting one-half semester in length, affording students greater variety in subject matter in their chosen English program. In each literature course, students will read at least three works of literature and other shorter supplemental pieces, prepare several compositions, and complete a research project or paper. Class participation, oral presentations, collaborative learning, and use of technology are incorporated into the curricular activities to develop these career and life skills.

Honors level courses are offered in the junior and senior years as full semester courses, providing preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination taken in the spring of the senior year.

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