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Technology and Instruction: Acceptable Use of the Computer Network

The Internet is a global electronic information infrastructure. It is a network of networks used by educators, business, government, the military, organizations and private individuals. In school and libraries, the Internet can be used to educate, inform, communicate and entertain. As a teaming resource, the Internet is similar to books, magazines, video, CD-ROM and other information sources.

The Board of Trustees is aware that the Internet is an unregulated communication environment in which information changes constantly and that some of this information is inappropriate for users, based on age and/or developmental levels.

The Board and its staff will take an active role in ensuring that students and their parents are aware of the responsibility required in using the Internet in an ethical and educational manner. The Board's goal is to provide "users”, anyone who has access to the computer network of the Woodstock Academy, with the understanding and skills needed to use the Internet appropriately to ensure educational learning.

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