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Celebrating the accomplishments of the  WA gymnastics team!  League Champions! State Champions! State Open Champions! AND New England Champions!! 

Members of Woodstock Academy's Technology Student Association (TSA) participated in the State Competition held Saturday, April 5 at Hamden Middle School with the following results:

Christopher Sandford, Headmaster/Superintendent
Woodstock Academy
57 Academy Road
Woodstock, CT 06281
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Woodstock Academy's participants in the True Colors Conference at UCONN, March 21, 2014!  From left to right:  Callista Kamau, Rachelle Tomlinson, Matt Cassidy, Emily Olson, Sarah French, Jameson White, Anthony Donatello, Linzee Glennon, Ian Kneeland, Weston Hawie, Kayla Munger, Samantha McLaughlin, Kirsten Tattersall, Rachel Pontbrian, Elizabeth Babbitt, and in front, Lena Klee

A number of Woodstock Academy students were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments by the Board of Trustees at the March 25, 2014 meeting.  Top left: Bailey Cummings, Headmaster's Award recipient; bottom left:  Brent Sorensen, Headmaster's Award recipient; top right, Girls' Gymnastics (ECC, State, and New England Championship winners); bottom right, Chris Lowry, 1000 point milestone in boys' basketball.  Congratulations to all of the students honored!

On March 14, 2014, students, and faculty at Woodstock Academy presented the annual Talent Show at Woodstock Academy.  The Senegal Exchange has sponsored the show for nine years. According to Sra Collins, "This show is a fine opportunity for the WA community to get together and shed a new light on the diversity of talent in our community."
This year's show was MC's by Tony Bonano, Elaina Becher and RJ Reinert. They were funny and kept the audience engaged. With 23 performers, the display of talent and the variety of acts made for a wonderful evening of entertainment.  This year's show had a large number of dance performers with everything from hip hop to interpretive to Irish step to traditional Guatemalan. Piano performers were varied from classical to American and Chinese popular music. Guitar/ vocal performances kept the rhythms going. Acapello was accompanied by hand beats. The variety of beautiful voices filled the auditorium as students interpreted some of their favorite songs. International students dazzled the audience with an enactment of Bubbles enhanced by actual bubbles floating stage.
Four seniors were honored with African Violets for their continuous support of the Talent Show, having performed  or participated for three or more years: Erin O'Leary, Jordan Bassett, Becky Lee and Tatjana Tshirpke.
Thanks to Jamie Carpenter for leading us all in a Beatles sing a long, to Sr and Sra Collins for their performance of Home, to Nancy BW and Andrea Amato for working the door and the concessions. Thank you to administration for supporting the Senegal Exchange at WA.
16 years ago, WA traveled to Senegal. 11 years ago we brought students from Senegal to WA.
At that time, diversity was just an idea.
As you can see by the list of  wonderful talent in the show, WA has gone global.
Thanks to all of you for your support in opening your home, your hearts and your classrooms to the students of WA and the world.
If you see any of these students, please congratulate them on an excellent show.
Elaina Becher, Olivia Pappas, Becky Lee, Jim Gong, Grayson Mc Carthy, Alena Klee, Yolanda Serrano, Jewel Martin, Jackie Wedegis, Austin Cedio, Jordan Bassett, Garth Cen              
Austin Stone, Canyon Hopkins, Bryn Sconzo, Voranci Zhang, Paisley Gothreau, Tony Bonano , Melanie Phaneuf, Wanjiku Gathreu, Alice Meng, Steven Cao, Lily Dai, Serena Zhang, Erin O'Leary, Esilda MacGillvray, Bruce Sakindi
Tech – Hannah Mueller, Roo Sowka,                Tatjana Tschirpke, Ray Rilling                   

For the past three days, eight students partook in the National High School Model UN Conference.  Once again, Woodstock Academy MUN made history bringing home another delegation award - the Award of Merit.  Out of over 210 schools, we finished within the top 10.
 Also, please congratulate these individual winners:
Baylee Johns and August Frechette:  Award of Merit in the Historical Security Council    
Lindsey Taylor:  Award of Merit in the Historical Trusteeship Council
Dan Murphy and Ciara Hanlon:  Award of Excellence in the Security Council
These six students competed with and outperformed some of the best delegates in the nation and I am immeasurably proud of them. Ethan Warren, Hanna Mueller, and Mikayla Wilk also contributed to the group's outstanding showing, despite not winning individually. Their contributions were critical to the team's award.

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