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Woodstock Academy Senior Returns from Service Trip Abroad

Woodstock, CT – Senior Jane Sconzo participated in a 3 month trip to South America with the Youth International South America Team

Jane Sconzo, a senior at Woodstock Academy recently returned from participating in a 3 month experiential learning program in South America. Jane’s travels included Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, spending a month in each country, living with host families in rural and urban communities.

Jane’s experiences included 4 service projects ranging from building a community center, teaching English, painting an orphanage, hosting a kid’s camp in the Amazon in Ecuador and assisting Arajuno Lodge with its conservation project to eliminate dynamite fishing and reintroduce the yellow spotted turtle to its natural environment in the river.

Jane will be attending NYU in the fall.


 Youth International South America Spring 2012 team on their first construction site in Bolivia



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