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Math at Woodstock Academy

Woodstock Academy offers various mathematics courses to meet the students' needs at all ability levels.  Students are not restricted to one sequence of study and may enroll in courses based on teacher recommendation and course prerequisites. Regardless of the level, all mathematics courses at the Academy seek to develop and refine each student's skills in logical thinking, creative problem solving, deductive and inductive reasoning, data analysis, and inquiry.  

What sets WA apart:

- 21 different math courses ranging from Math 1 to Multivariable Calculus

- 3 AP courses (AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Statistics)

- 1  Early College Experience Course through UConn (Calculus)

- TI Nspire Calculator Lab

- Member of the Greater New London County Math League

- Annual participation in Moody's Mega Math Challenge and American Mathematics Competition

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