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Travel Abroad

Travel and Cultural Exchanges

Woodstock Academy has been dedicated to cultural immersion experiences for over 30 years. World language students and teachers have set up exchanges with schools in France, Spain, and Costa Rica, as well as travel experiences to Italy, Quebec, and Mexico.

In addition to these language-based programs, the World Language and other departments collaborate to create many international and cultural opportunities for Woodstock Academy students. Some of these travel destinations have included: Russia, Switzerland, Austria, England, Germany, Greece, China, and Senegal. In 2003, the Academy implemented an exchange program with the Mariama Ba School on Goree Island in Senegal which is ongoing. In 2007, the Academy established a sister school with Dezhou #1 school in China with the goal of hosting students from this school in the near future.

During the 2008-09 school year, Woodstock Academy student groups traveled abroad to five very different and unique countries: Mexico, France, Greece, Italy, and China. The visit to France also encompassed a “home stay” with French students and their families. Looking ahead, future trips abroad are being planned for Senegal, Costa Rica, and Egypt. Additionally, Woodstock Academy will be hosting a “home stay” for a visiting student group from Senegal in the fall of 2009.

Woodstock Academy understands that our students need to globalize their relationships and it is our goal to assist them through travel opportunities and cultural exchanges toward becoming more informed and more culturally sensitive citizens of the world. Our faculty participate and engage in this endeavor as well, and a number of them have been granted scholarships and/ or have volunteered to study in Germany, South Africa, Columbia, Hungary, Madagascar, and China.

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